Girls’ Night Out: Photo Shoot Party

In this time of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and “selfless” who wants to spend money on a professional photographer for some fabulous pictures?

Invite your girlfriends for a festive night to shoot and look super cute.

Dress up. Bring a few different outfits and accessories along, you can always do a quick wardrobe change along the way.

Head to your favorite Department Store make-up counter and get all dolled up. Choose a look that’s a bit bolder and more sultry than what you would normally wear for just a fun night out. Make your eyes or lips really pop!

Style each other. Trade clothes, share accessories and style one another. Entire hot new looks that you hadn’t even thought of will emerge.

Location. Location. Set out to a few fun locations for your photo shoot. Window fronts, alley ways, iconic buildings, and parks always make for hip backdrops.

Bring props like balloons, bubble blowers, and glitter.

Strike a pose. You’ve watched enough episodes of America’s Top Model to know how to work it!

Don’t forget to share these pics with your friends. Will look like you had one crazy fun night on the town!

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