Girls’ Night Out: Cocktail Concoctions

What could be more fun than a night with your girlfriends and lots of yummy cocktails. Get delightfully tipsy on new, delicious drinks! Hosting your own Girls’ Night Out Cocktail Party has never been easier. Here’s how! 

1. Send creative cocktail inspired party invites. A little box with a travel size liquor bottle insides always an intriguing, fun touch.

2. Set the scene. Create a bar like atmosphere. Bar chairs, high tables, and a serving space for preparations are fabulous touches. You can make your “bar’ city themed-like tropical for Maui , hip and trendy for New York, chic and sexy for Los Angeles, or upscale and classy for Paris.

3. Have a movie such as, “Cocktail”, playing in the background to get everyone feeling the bar ambiance.

4. Make a playlist with all your favorite beverage inspired songs like Margaritaville, Tequila Sunrise, and Gin ‘n Juice.

5. Have everyone come over and bring the ingredients to their favourite cocktail mix and recipe to share. You can have this be themed seasonally too.

6. Have each guest give a little presentation on how to make their chosen cocktail and serve samples for everyone to taste and indulge in.

7. Serve up little bar snacks to munch on.

8. Break out your favorite old school drinking games like beer pong and flip cup for old times sake.

9. Present your own “Spirited Awards” such as Best Bartender of the Night, Most Sex and the City-ish martini, most fruity and flirty or This will get you the loopiest.

10. Give your guests the take home gift of a little black book for cocktail recipes that you can continue to share and add to.

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