Girls’ Night Out: Around-the-World Party


girls' night out around-the-world

In need of a vacation and seeking paradise? Set sail with your girlfriends on a round- the-world adventure for your next girls’ night out extravaganza. These 8 steps will get you on your way!

1- Send travel themed invitations: Post cards from your favorite travel destinations or from your hometown are a fun and creative option.

2- Set the scene: Transform your place to look like your ultimate travel hot spot. Tropical paradise, Parisian Chic, Romantic Italian, Eclectic Chinese or Vibrant Moroccan. Hang up flags or a large world map so your guest will know where their journey is taking them.

3- Music: Create a playlist of music genres from Cuban to Swedish House music.

4- Attire: Have your guests dress with a look that’s representative of the travel spot- everyone has to guess the country upon their arrival.

5- International Cuisine: Have everyone bring a dish beer or wine from their favorite travel destination. Taco Bell for Mexico is not an option!

6- Travel Pics: Tell your girlfriends to bring 5 of their favorite or funniest travel pics to share. Pass the pictures around and on the back each person has to write a caption. The person with the best picture and caption wins a prize.

7- Fun Activity: Plan a fun travel inspired activity such as belly dancing, hula hooping or salsa dancing.

8- Party Favors: Give your guests a travel themed take-home favor such as a travel journal, mini picture album or passport holder.

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