5 Fabulous Summer Fun Mommy & Me Activities

School’s out, Summer is here! Here are a few fabulous summertime play activities for you and your little ones!

1-Hula Party
Plan a hula party! The kids can wear grass skirts and make their own leis with fresh flowers on a string. Your little ones will love playing with hula hoops and having a modified limbo and surfing contest.

2- Tie-Dying Shirts
Easy and fun to create. Use bright summer colors and have a kiddy fashion show to display their new creations.

3-Teddy Bear Picnic
Head to your local park with your kids and their favorite teddy bears. Snack on teddy grahams, sing the teddy bear song- teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground (the kids touched the ground) and bring teddy bear books to read like “A pocket for Corduroy”. Makes a simple park outing into an exciting teddy bear adventure.

4-Gardening Playdate – cut out and paint and decorate a variety of flowers for the kids to make a paper flower garden. Then give the kids each a cup with soil and flower seeds to grow their own real flower gardens.

5-Pirate Theme party. Create a pirate theme backyard scavenger hunt. Make toilet paper roll binoculars and have the little ones look for various treasure items you’ve hidden- chocolate gold coins, beaded necklaces, sand castle buckets, etc.

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