How to Make a Red, White and BLUE Lava Flow Frozen Drink

red white and blue drinks

We just LOVE drinking Lava Flows (frozen daiquiri like drinks) while on vacation in Hawaii! You know, those creamy strawberry and banana and coconut drinks that remind you of exploding volcanoes! 
And NOTHING is better on a HOT summer weekend than sipping these yummy frozen drinks!

So, in honor of the Fourth of July holiday and celebrations, we created a patriotic version of the classic Hawaiian Lava Flow:

Red, White and Blue Lava Flow Ingredients:

Need a blender and tall glasses, and one spoon

RED part:

1/4 cup of fresh hulled strawberries or frozen strawberries

1.5 oz (or 1 shot glass) of light rum

[sugar for sweetness, if desired]

WHITE part:

1 oz (or 1 shot glass) of Malibu (coconut flavored) rum

2 oz (or 2 shot glasses) coconut cream (NOT coconut milk)

1/2 ripe banana (use whole banana, depending on preference)

3 oz (or 1 shot glass) of pineapple juice


BLUE part:

2 oz (or 1 shot glass) of Sauza Blue Raspberry Margarita Mix (for raspberry flavor)
OR  – pick your flavor
2 oz (or 1 shot glass)  of Blue Curacao cocktail mix (for orange flavor)

Crushed Ice (more or less, to desired thickness)

red white and blue drinks
Step 1 for the RED: Blend the light rum and the strawberries (fresh or frozen) in a blender until smooth (like a liquid) and pour into a tall glass.

Step 2 for the WHITE: Blend the banana, coconut cream, Malibu rum, and pineapple juice in the blender with some crushed ice until smooth (like the consistency of a milkshake)

Step 3 to make the LAVA FLOW EFFECT: Pour the white mixture into the glass with the red mixture already at the bottom. Pour very slowly and watch as the strawberry mixture move its way to the top on the sides of the glass, creating a flowing lava effect.

This recipe makes a single serving; multiply quantities above 4 times  to make 4 servings.

Step 4: for the BLUE: Blend the the blue cocktail mix with crushed ice in the blender. Don’t over-blend! You want it to be a slushy consistency, but NOT liquid. Then, spoon blue slushy mixture on top of your classic Lava Flow drink.

Garnish, if desired with fruit, like pineapple, banana, orange slice or a cherry.

This recipe was inspired by the creative and helpful cooking site over at Cookin’ Up Good Times!

Visit their site to see how you can make their non-alcoholic version of Red, White and Blue Lava Flows!



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