5 Outrageous Way Over-the Top Baby Products

5 Outrageous Way Over-the Top Baby Products- you never knew you needed, and likely will never need. Oh how they make us mom’s smile knowing that somehow we have managed without!

#1 2-in-1 iPotty

Since kids love using iPads, why not use one to encourage potty training? That’s exactly what this high tech potty seat offers. With a built-in, waterproof iPad holder this is the ultimate training tool for the tech-savvy kid. Hmm…

#2 Mobisante

Get a sneak peak inside the lifestyles of the rich and soon-to-be famous. Mobisante smartphone-enabled ultrasound machine lets you see your baby-to-be whenever you want – all for a mere $7,400.

#3 Kickbee

Baby tweets! The Kickbee is an elastic band embedded with vibration sensors. When it senses movement and kicks from mom’s belly, the Kickbee automatically posts to yourTwitter or sends texts to friends, relatives, and whoever might be interested in knowing that this baby is on the move.

#4 Onda Luxury Bubbles

Bubble bath galore! No more bathing a baby in the kitchen sink or ordinary baby tub. The Onda Luxury Bubbles baby whirlpool pampers babies with whirlpool jets, which help reduce nervous tension and promote circulation, and are equipped with LED lights to further the spa and relaxation experience. This ultimate baby spa service is yours for only $2,600.

#5 Intellicot

Sleeping is one of a newborn’s biggest challenges they have to face in their first mere moments of life. Worry no more about your little bundle’s slumber with the Intellicot, the “baby cot of the future.” This extravagant baby cot features a vibrating rocking motion, built-in video monitor, sensory lights, cooling feature and automated raising mattress. With a price tag of $2,260 it may be actually be your credit card bill that’s causing the most sleep depravation in your household.

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