Your 10 for Friday, June 28th!

morrison big

1 – Crush crushed: Starpulse reports that Glee” star Matthew Morrison is engaged to his girlfriend Renee Puente, after dating her for 2 years!

2 – Bad hair day: Snakkle scored pics of our fave glam actress with really (REALLY, no, like, REALLY) bad hair in high school!

3 – Tardy to the party: The sassy gals of Jezebel JUST discovered Betches Love This…. welcome to the party…. 2 years late. But, really, Welcome! We love Betches, too!

4 – Excuse to eat carbs: Saturday is National Lasagna Day!

5 – Addicted: We read the Daily Mail UK every am… why aren’t YOU?

6 – Awkward: Awkward family photo from the Fourth of July!

7 – LOLCAT Sez: Friends Don’t Let Otter Friends Drive Drunk [GIF]

8 – Get a life: The [supposedly] smart kids over at New York Magazine are discussing Miley’s crop top and panties

9 – Single? Wanna stay that way? [Very] Hairy Leg Hose can help you!

10 – Betch, please: ‘Membah? We just reminded you how much you LOVE Betches Love This!

Your 10

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