Teen Stabbed by High School Sweetheart over Breakup

Relationship violence

Don’t be another victim: Learn 5 key rules for breakup safety.┬áThere are several steps one can take to prevent ending up like the tragic case of Lauren Astley. After breaking up with her boyfriend of several years, Astley noticed he retreated into himself and became very social. After agreeing to a meeting, Astley left her Massachusetts home, never to return. Her boyfriend murdered her, and was sentenced to life in prison.

Astley’s case served as a wake-up call for teens and twenty-somethings to learn how to avoid relationship drama turning violent. CNN.com did an excellent, lengthy piece on the situatoin which can be found here.

It’s important to read up if you suspect relationship violence might be on the horizon. Here are some tips for breaking up/meeting an ex, with the goal of preventing violent results:

– If you suspect in the slightest that the person in question will get violent, never go alone. Never go alone is a good tip for whenever you’re breaking bad news to anyone with a history of violence.

– Recognize the signs of abuse. Sometimes we can’t see that we are in an abusive relationship until it is over. Sometimes, we recognize it in others. Never be afraid to warn a friend that you think their significant other might get abusive.

– Stay sober. If an ex has a violent history, or you even suspect they may get violent, never have a drink with them. As always, watch any drinks you are given, alcoholic or non-, to make sure they don’t get any special ingredients.

– Meet them in a public place. A place with people who can intervene should things get too aggressive.

– Don’t have sex with a crazy ex. This is common sense for some, and not for others. If an ex isn’t emotionally stable, they’re a risky choice for casual, post-breakup intercourse.

– Make sure you have contacts you can turn to for help. Never be afraid to call 911: People tend to think they “know” an ex-, but violent outbursts can have a sudden onset. Don’t trust that you “know” an ex- well enough that they won’t get violent.

Practice safe breakups, everybody.

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