10 Last-Minute `Girls Night Out’ Ideas

Girls night out

1. Art Gallery Night: We prefer the ones with free wine

2. A weekend away: Making last minute reservations is easy with an online site. Get a hotel room in a town with fun entertainment and shopping during the day

3. Craft night at someone’s house: We have a variety of fun crafts to get you started.

4. Spa Night: Spas are staying open later on the weekends. Get it all: Nails, massages, hair

5. Piano Bar: It’s the rage for a reason: They’re Fun!

6. Karaoke: If you can’t find a piano bar, there’s sure to be a Karaoke place somewhere!

7. Wine & Cheese & Picnic: People watching at night in a park is… intense.

8. Yoga Class: Many big cities have drop-in yoga classes

9. Budget Movie Night: Save tons by skipping the new releases at the expensive theaters, and watch a favorite at a family-run cinema

10. Find a Bar with Free Dance Lessons: Salsa is particularly popular out here.

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