10 Eye-Popping Summer-Themed Manicures

1. Watermelon

watermelon nails

These mouthwatering nails make everything you touch seem more fun!


2. Beach Nails

Beach nails

We like our manicure to set a good story.


3. Palm Trees at Sunset

Beach nails 2

These nails evoke that beach feeling miles from shore


4. Tropical Fish

Ocean nails

Way easier to take care of than the tropical fish in platform shoes


5. Bottom of the Ocean

bottom of the ocean nails

These nails are so realistic they should come with a lifeguard


6. Summer BBQ Nails

Summer bbq nails

We’ve never been more tempted to bite our fingernails


7. Ice Cream Nails

Ice cream nails

Thumb-sucking just might come back in style


8. Airplane

Airplane Nails

Staring at these nails could help you overcome a fear of flying. Not really though.


9. Cresting Wave

Cresting wave nails

This is fun. Unless the wave is supposed to be 20 stories tall, and then it’s horrific


10. Beach Ball Nails

Beach Ball

The perfect nails for popping little kids’ beach balls. Just Kidding.

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