The Vow: Fierce Love, Against All Odds

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Coming to DVD May 8th is “The Vow”, the story of a husband who must find a way to win his wife’s heart all over again after she loses her memory in an accident.

In the film the couple make vows to each other: the Bride, Paige, vows to teach him to love life and have the patience love demands; the Groom, Leo, swears to love her fiercely and intensely in all ways, now and forever. With vows like those, it is all the more heartbreaking for Paige to lose her memory of their love and for Leo to keep his vow and try to win her back.

What were some of your vows? And could you have the patience and intense love to win your spouse back if you were forced back to square one? Sound off in the comments section below!

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