Zac Efron

Boosting his acting career in the hit movie High School Musical, Zac Efron became an immediate Hollywood sweetheart.  With his amazing blue eyes and his voice that could make a cow fall in love with him, Zac Efron became number one on the teen kiss list.  Even though he was dating Vanessa Hudgens, who was also in High School Musical, all of the girls still chased him in hopes he would one day be their boyfriend.  Everyone has their dreams.  Believe me, I have thought about Zac and I getting married for a while so I think that it is almost normal.  Another movie that you might have fallen for him in was Hairspray.  The remake of Hairspray casted Efron and they definitely made a wise choice.  His babyblues lit up the movie like a firework on the Fourth Of July.  Check out his pictures and see how many different looks Zac Efron has had in the past years.

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