Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known for his charming role in Jerry McGuire.  The cut little kid in that movie is all grown up and so is Tom Cruise.  Having a new life with Katie Holmes after he was married to Nicole Kidman is something that was made known to the world.  He was on Oprah one time jumping around on the couch confessing his love to Katie Holmes.  Unfortunately, this made him look crazy to some fans.  He is way to handsome to actually dislike him, but he did have some troubles with the way he was acting.  Then he took on Scientology and that just helped him to go down hill.  Scientology is something that you will have to look up on your own because trying to explain it just won’t do it justice.  Tom Cruise will always be hot, as you can see in these photos, but he definitely gave fans a different perspective of him.


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