Reggie Bush

One of the hottest athletes in the game is Reggie Bush.  This year will be his first year playing for the Miami Dolphins.  I wonder how well he will do since he won’t have his boys from the Saints team.  I’m sure he will do just fine especially with his new Kim K look-a-like by his side.  Reggie Bush’s fame came from football at first.  Then, his life turned into Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend.  Always Skyping and talking on the phone, their relationship was spiraling downhill.  Kim wanted to possibly save it with marriage but that just wasn’t in the books for Reggie.  Now Kim Kardashian is married to another athlete, Kris Humphries, and Reggie is with an Old Navy star.  Kim Kardashian didn’t like that very much but she showed that in other ways such as suing Old Navy.  Reggie is fine right where he is and he hope he has a great with his new girl and his new team.  I wish he would play ball without the uniform!

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