Fun Baby Shower Games!

No matter how much a  gal tells you, ” love being pregnant”, there is at least one (or 10) times she is miserable. Not saying the babes makes her that way, but Mom’s to be are human and they deserve spoiling and alot of fun before their bundle of joy arrives!

If you are a blessed Momma to be or you have a friend who is, share these ideas and get planning and fun begin!


1. Don’t say “baby”-Trying to attend a party that has a baby as the central theme-not being allowed to say the word “baby” is impossible.Each guest is given a diaper pin. Hand out the diaper pins when the guests arrive and have them pin them to their clothing. Inform the guests that each time they hear someone use the word baby, they take the offender’s pin. Announce that the game has ended and tally up the pins. The person with the most wins.

2. BabyPin Madness- Place tiny brass safety pins in a bowl of rice. Take turns blind folding people and see how many pins they can pull out in a minute. It’s harder than it looks! Works best for smaller parties.

3. Blindfolded Diaper Race. This one requires you to go out and buy some materials (or ask guests to bring them) but it could be worth it for the fun that you’ll have. You’ll need a bunch of life-sized dolls and a box of diapers. The idea is that participants get blindfolded and then have to diaper up their babies as quickly as possible.

**The best prizes are everyday household items, beauty products, and gift cards!



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