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Drake first launched his career on Degrassi.  He was one of the big bad bullies who made fun of the geeks on the show.  No one ever knew that this boy could rap like he can!  When he started his music career, Lil Wayne was the guy who helped him out.  He loved the raps Drake was producing and the beats he was working with.  He flew Drake in form Canada and started to work with him right away.  You don’t ever hear silence (if that makes sense) from Drake.  He is constantly working on the next best song with all of the hit artists to compliment him on the track.  He has a specific sound to him that makes every song sound sexier than it already is.  Not only does his music make us crazy, his looks can make you faint.  The greenest, prettiest eyes you will ever see.  Perfect skin and big lips.  Perfection at it’s finest!  See for yourself in these photos.

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