You Like Texting But Where Are His?

Each and every relationship have differnet interests. Some active. Some gaming. Some clubbing. But mainly all share the common interest in Social Media and Social Tools. Everyone loves calling people on their phone, playing games on their phone, texting, and some might go as far as sexting. But what do you do if your boyfriend doesn’t like texting, and that’s one of your favorites, so much that it’s on your Facebook as your interest? Your a die hard texting fanatic and your boyfriend struglles to type, “LOL.” You anxiously look at your phone for hours and get nothing. You send dirty phones hoping for a response and nope, you see no text. How do you get a boyfriend to love texting?

You do not know what to think? Is it difficult for a guy to text back? Should a guy be obligated to text you just because you like it and your in a relationship?


Here’s some reasons to explain his behavior, and possibly, help cure your motions and beliefs:

  1. The so short yet so long TextYou send him a text at 8:00AM on your way to work. “Omg, you’ll never believe what I just went through…” He rolls over in bed around 9:00am or so, and this is all examples, and see your text and thinks “What is the deal? It’s not even 10:00am.” It may not be because he does not care – or at least genuinely care, but what Woman have to realize is that Men are not into drama as much as we are. He may then respond back to that text after an hour of preparing for his work day, eating breakfast, etc, and that is acceptable. Woman have to realize no matter how short of the text is or how long, or how quick he responds or how long after you hit send, you have to gain a maturity and patience. Patience is a Virtue as they always say.
  2. They Don’t GossipTo play off our above statement, guys plain and simple don’t gossip. Guys are the rough shoulder for us to lean on, the listener, the person to make us laugh. Guys do not chat to us about April being a B*tch. Guys just don’t get it.
  3. Playing a GameMaybe he wants to be in Control. Maybe he wants to be the lead and makes you chase him through Texting. Don’t fall or crawl. Let him then be patient and wait for your responding text. The more you pick and pick on him the less they will want you.

So what, he doesn’t like texting. If he can at least conversate with you via a telephone conversation or in person, that’s all you need. At least then while your away from him you can focus on whatever you need to do and it makes when you see him that next time even more special and a greater conversation.


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