Women Visiting Strip Clubs

Strip ClubMore and more women these days are visiting strip clubs, once the hallowed and exclusive domain of all that is masculine and seedy.  Women visit strip clubs for a variety of reasons–some go with a significant other in order to help spruce up their sex lives, while others claim to enjoy the atmosphere of the strip club:  security is usually tighter than in a normal club or bar and, since some woman are quite literally laying it all out on display, women who patronize strip clubs as customers report that they are less likely to be bothered, harassed or leered at by male patrons than they are during a typical night out at a bar or a club.

During a trip to visit an ex-boyfriend back when we were in college, I remember him pointing out a local strip club and telling me with great fanfare and gusto that the popular thing had become for a couple to go together, and for the guy to buy a lap dance for his girlfriend.  (There may have also been some suggestive eyebrow raising but, if so, I’ve blocked it from my memory.   Of course, this is also the guy who told me that he would be perfectly fine with it if I hooked up with another girl while I was college, so long as I gave him a call so that he could “hop on a plane and get some of that,” so I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised.)  Left unspoken was the near-certainty that the guy was actually buying himself a treat rather than the other way around.

Strip clubs, by definition, exist to objectify women.  They encourage men to view women strictly as sex objects, valued only for their beauty and their skill in bed.  By going to strip clubs, women only serve to legitimize the perception that it’s okay for men to think that way.  If you’re really that desperate to go to an environment where you won’t be bothered, harassed or leered at by male patrons, go somewhere that men (or, at least, badly-behaved men)won’t be liable to go, rather than somewhere where your own peace of mind is purchased at the expense of other women.


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