When Should You Move In With Your Man?

When do you decide it’s time to move in together? How do you decide it’s time to move in together? Is there ever a right time? Or possibly a signal to let you know you should move in together? Moving in with your spouse is a big step in ones’ relationship. You started with just your toothbrush, which over time turned into his top drawer, but now, you want to move in. This can either make or break your relationship. You really have to make sure you are choosing the right time to move in with this special person. Because breaking up with someone after you moved in all of your items, can be hard. Literally. If you dump your boyfriend, be prepared. Because he may or may not help you move out all of your things.

I’ve always based moving in with someone based on our relationship. I picked up on his personality over the months before I made my decision. Now relationships, and judging otehrs is hard to do because all relationships are different. We’ve had Celebrities marrying one another after 30 days, 3 years or 30 years. We’ve had normal every day average couples move in after a week, a year or 10 years. You can learn a lot about someone after moving in with them; and a lot of the things you learn may be good or bad for the relationship.

In example, if your a naturally clean person and always see your before as being clean, his house could be a complete garbage. Your boyfriend can be charming, alert, and active, but then you move in and he sleeps all day and plays video games at night. When someone is at their house they are in their their own element. They are behind closed doors and really then become themselves. Really evaluate yourself, your spouse and your relationship before making such a big step. If this step feels natural to you and your ready then maybe start slow before moving everything in. If you want more time, don’t let your spouse rush you. You take as much time as you need.

Just hope, when it comes down to you, that if your going to move in, your spouse helps with the chores and he/she has a comfortable bed waiting for you!


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