What’s Your Song?

Man and Woman Gazing into Each Other's EyesFor couples everywhere, selecting “your song” is both a rite of passage and, assuming that the relationship survives, a nostalgic reminder of when you first got together.  Couples choose their songs in a variety ways—the first song that you danced to, the song that was playing when you first kissed, the song that was playing when you met, ect.  On Everwood, a heartwarming family drama series that ran from 2002 to 2006, there is a scene where Ephram, a teenage boy, and his girlfriend Madison agree that their song will be whatever is playing when they turn on the radio.  Of course, it takes them several tries to get it right.

In a past relationship, my boyfriend unilaterally decided that our song should be “Mondo Bongo” from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, as that is the movie that we saw on our first real date.  In my current relationship, our song is “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coultan, as that is the first song that my boyfriend played for me on the piano before we started dating.

What’s your song, and how was it selected?  Do you think that having a special song is important for a couple?

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