Unleashed: The True Story of a Recovering Serial Monogamist

Ride this Ride!!!


I just spoke to Golden Gloves for over five hours. And I probably could have spoken to him all night… kinda like we did last week in bed. In fact, it was exactly a week ago that we spent the night together, talking, laughing, and f*&%ing. He’s got this sexy deep bedroom voice and he’s sweet as anything. Tells me exactly how he’s feeling about me without any reservations. It’s nice to know exactly where I stand with him. Which allows me to share with him how I am feeling – he makes me brave.


He also makes my heart beat a little faster, my body temperature go up a few degrees, and I focus on nothing but him. I was going to go to sleep early tonight after talking to my brother but my call with GG ran a little long. Especially with the phone sex part. That. Was. Hot. He got me so wound up.


I probably could have done a better job describing things I was doing to myself, and I probably could have been more verbal with him but he gets me so thrown off that I have trouble thinking, much less speaking. That and he makes me a little shy and more than just a little distracted. ME! I’m usually so good with words.


He wants me to come out to visit him as soon as possible. Said he’d pay for half my ticket with his first paycheck at his new job… but he does not want to pay for the whole thing “just in case I’m not invested.” Ha. I told him I was totally invested in him, and pleasantly so (he didn’t like the subtext of my original choice of words when I said ‘whether I wanted to be or not.’). He wants me invested.


Even now, I hear his silky voice in my head. It’s like honey. I swear, he’s like the best parts of all these guys I know poured into one person. He says there’s still a lot about him I don’t know and to be careful what I wish for in knowing, because some of what he’s been through is not for the emotionally weak. I’m not worried – I’m not your weak waif. Apparently, he doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him so he’s careful with what he shares.


Personally, I feel like we’ve both been through the fire, each individually the last couple years, and it’s made us each a stronger person. We have a lot in common. If nothing else comes of this, I know that he’s someone I’m terribly glad I got to know. And that alone makes me incredibly happy.


I do remain a little confused about my feelings. I feel hesitant and yet open with him. Comfortable and yet shy. Such conflict. I have no idea where this is going to go, but apparently he feels the same way. He also told me his feelings for me scare the shit out of him. I absolutely feel the same way. I have no idea what this is, where it’s going to go, or what it’s going to be. But for some reason, I know that I need to hang on for this ride.


Amalie Paris


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