Unleashed: The True Story of a Recovering Serial Monogamist

The Ship Has Sailed


After having met Golden Gloves (GG) several weeks ago, I drove downtown to see The Anointed One last night. I was pretty sure that I wasn’t still into him, but wanted to verify it (the whole ‘being honest with myself’ thing), so this ended up being a test – more for my feelings for him than anything else. We sat around in his apartment and chatted (he talks about work stuff a LOT, which interests me to a very solid point and then no more) and then we finally went to go watch the hockey game at his little local bar around the corner. The bar that knew The Anointed One since he was there regularly, the bar that knew me since I was there regularly with The Anointed One, the bar where I met GG, the bar where GG almost kissed me, the bar that has eyes in every corner.


Anyway, we hung out and had fun but I just wasn’t interested as I had been before… Before GG came into the picture. Before the passion.


I had a a lot of fun while we ate and cheered on our team, but the entire time, the little voice in my head told me that it simply wasn’t the same. The spark was gone. The Anointed One was no longer so ‘anointed;’ he was just a friend. So after we finished dinner, I told him I was going home.




The Anointed One was very surprised.


See… it was his first night finally having his own place (one of the reasons why he allegedly never slept with me) AND he didn’t have to get up early for work in the morning. Hint hint. There was absolutely no reason for me to go home so early, and every reason for me to stay with him since I might have actually gotten some real action. Finally.


But what it came down to was that I didn’t want to sleep with him. I didn’t even want to fool around with him. Even with guaranteed cookies in the mix.


Poor guy. The Anointed One liked me and now that it was an opportunity to mess around, I turned it down without a second thought. He seemed a little confused by it, and even questioned me about it, pointing out the two points above and verifying, still confused, “you’re going home?” I was quiet and answered in a soft voice, “yes, I think I am…”


Being the gentleman he is, he let it go, walked me to my car, and kissed me good night. Even the kiss was awkward for me (question to self: was it because it was The Anointed One or because it wasn’t GG?).


Despite all this, I still have strong physical needs (my heart is halfway across the country) and my three guys are still available. Irish has been making some distinct overtures about getting some, so I’ll see how I’m feeling. I’ll probably meet with him on Tuesday. Yekka is still an option as well, though for whatever reason not as appealing. And I really do need to call Hockey Guy about getting together again. Seriously. Those guys are easy for me to deal with because I know there are no strings attached to them, though I’m not entirely sure I’m still sexually interested in them either. I suppose there’s only one way to find out.


Oh lord, I have a bad crush on GG. As one of my gay boyfriends says…


I’m in lurv.


Amalie Paris


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