Does Television Influence Girls’ Perspectives On Love

Television makes People Famous. Television influences Mass Media. Television makes products and ideas famous. But, should you have Television influence your relationship? Should you treat your boyfriend the same way Sammi Sweetheart treats Ronnie off Jersey Shore. Should you have a relationship based off television and the way it’s scripted? Would you find it acceptable to create a relationship similar to Jerry Springer off Television?

When it comes to whats right and what is wrong in a relationship, I think so many younger girls are still affected by television. Only for the fact that television portrays relationships in such a negative fashion to sell. Sex and drama sell. So, with television wanting views and wanting ratings they only show the fighting. And that’s what these young girls grow up seeing. Case in point, the once so popular, Jon and Kate Plus 8. Yes, the kids were adorable. But, the millions of viewers turned in because of the bickering and fighting between Jon and Kate. We all rooted for Kate or the other half of us secretly or publicly hated her and stood up for Jon. So of course its naturally that when a 12yr old sees this couple being aired on Television and acting like brats towards one another, they will find it acceptable. Is television appropriate and the norm of relationships? You be the judge. You watch television and see the pros and cons of each relationship. You follow dating shows like the Bachelor, or watch shows like Jersey Shore and True Life and see cameras follow horrible duos. If you want to live that life, then follow it. Otherwise, be the bigger person and change the person or what is wrong in your love life.


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