Top 5 College Guys

You and your friends wonder your Senior year of High School how is College going to be. You think where are you going to go, will you get accepted, what College is like, will you join a Sorority, and more importantly, will there be any cute guys? Will you date a guy? Will all of the guys be like “College guys,” you wonder. Or is there normal guys there? What type of guys are at college? We’ll we came up with the Top 5 Guys you may bump into there. And these same type of Guys apply to any person at any school. All Colleges are the same and are all filled with these group of guys. Girl, you better be picky and choosy, because these guys will shuffle through girls like a deck of cards. Play it safe and play it right and you may end up with the last good guy on the block!

The Friend
The nice guy, that will inevitably, always finish last. You can work out with him and he’s not checking out your booty. You can talk to him on a Friday night and he’s not thinking of Booze and Girls. Or, well he may, but he’s content being with you. You can go to eat with him and not be nervous to look like a slob. He makes you laugh and genuinely cares. He’s your BFF. And you two will never stop talking over the years to come.

Scary Stalker

The, “OMG, we met last night at a Party and I had to Facebook message you, add you as a

facebook friend, and call you 15 times” guy, because he’s your Stalker. He thought you were funny and cool last night and he obviously hasn’t had much experience with people or women for that matter and thought you were equivalent to a Model. The Facebook then becomes a Poke War with him always winning and his constant texts become on your last nerve. You’ve gone ahead and screwed yourself over, so you might as well plan to transfer in the winter and get out while you still can!

The Classmate

He’s your Class BFF. You guys say hi, you share pencils, you share notes making fun of people and speak to each on Facebook, through email, or even Tweet one another over Homework. Yes, you may share interests and class, but, you should never share drinks. You should keep him at that level of friendship. You would hate to get drunk, hook up and sit next to him on Monday. And really, if your only at the friendship, “hi,” level, then you don’t even want to think of hooking up with him. You will embarrass yourself and ruin your reputation.

The Steroid Filled – Drunken – Conceited Frat Boy

Their everywhere, they infest Colleges like the Plague, and frankly we wish we could send them off to Jersey. Their the Frat guys who think their sh*t don’t stink. They are tanned, their arms are as big as Tonka Trucks, they drink beer and scam on the Fakest, dumbest girls. Their personal record is having hookups with that girl on a regular basis. Their more invested in working out and tanning than actually going to class. Their conceited, their cocky, their down right rude to a girl, because apparently their a God? I’ve seen and met some of the dumbest guys in my life and when I say were you in a Frat at College they light up as if I’m complimenting them. Honey, no one is complimenting you. I’ve walked in one frat in my life and walked right out. To stand in what feels like a Jungle with sweaty, loser guys who put Date Rape drugs in their Punch doesn’t make me want to drink up. On to the next one…

And finally, our Knight in Shining Armour

I promise, they do exist. For every group of say 5 guys, there is one sweet, genuine guy in that group. He’s like y our best friend but you can see a romantic relationship potentially blossom. He works out with you, eats with you, goes to the library with you, but it’s different. You joke, you laugh, he listens to your stories, he can get drunk with you and not take advantage of you. He is respectful to you and your best guy friends. He cares. He is like a rare animal, but don’t give up. Women give it up so easily to find Mr. Right, but you shouldn’t. Just wait, they are wasting their time with all the wrong girls, trying to find you.

One day you two will meet and something fabulous should come out of College besides your Degree.


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