Tackling ‘Terrible Twos’

AHHHHHHH I HATE MY LIFE!!! Just kidding. But that’s more than likely what your thinking as your toddler moves on through the TERRIBLE TWO’S. Practice what you preach. Everybody says think before you act right? Well, contrary to popular belief, nobody does this, in fact, it is nearly impossible. Behavior is an emotion driven action. As much as we would like to say we act with logic instead of emotion is something to be desired. We all just justify our actions with logic after the fact, which is too late in all instances. But the fact that your toddler is just that, a toddler, they lack any and all logic so everything is just pure emotion for them.


So what exactly is the Terrible Two stage? Its not just a time period of your babies life, but it is a world altering experience for all that are involved with them. They throw horrible tantrums, become extremely defiant and stubborn, basically a dictator in your household.


Just as many others have already asked, how do we fix..no, how do we control this? It isn’t something to fix, but it is something that can be altered to change the way your baby acts. Is it possible that you punish your baby too much? Absolutely. Telling them no constantly, putting them in time out constantly, taking things away from them constantly can add more salt to the wound.


After doing some research of methods to cope with this, these are two of the most effective methods that I have found. Easy decisions. If your baby does not want to get dressed, let them chose from two outfits. Giving THEM the option gives them the false belief that they are in control of the situation. Yes this is misleading, but you are not doing anything wrong. Just creating a win win situation. Creating a routine is essential. This should have already been started since your beautiful child was an infant but if not, it is time to start. Having structure in their life doesn’t give them many options to stray to the dark side. Set up time to get their energy expelled in a creative constructive manner. Take them outside and play hide and seek, build something with them, or pretend you are in the Olympics. Make their minds and bodies work to the fullest so that when you go to put them in bed, they are more than willing.


You can do this. As a family, a single parent, a babysitter…it is not the end of the world. This is when you can find out what your little nugget is capable of. How smart are they, how quick do they learn, are they a leader? Work with them and I promise the Terrible Two’s will be a time in your life with them will be a pleasant memorable experience. Just remember, you are the mom or dad, you are in control, and it is your responsibility to provide your child with what they need to be successful. This is where it all starts.


Good luck on your journey.


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