Sparah–The New Celebrity Power Couple

Sparah, a new celebrity couple comprised of one Spencer Falls and one Sarah Carroll, has taken the world by storm.   The brainchild of Virgin Mobile, Sparah comes complete with the mansion, the clothes, the parties, the dog and the exclusive access enjoyed by Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

Personally, I love checking in to see what the hot new couple has been up to lately.  The most recent Sparah episodes featured Sarah learning to be a celebrity DJ, and then undergoing a trial by fire at the Virgin Mobile Freefest.  No offense to attendees, but DJing in front of ten thousand people must have been terrifying, to say the least.  I just don’t know how she does it–I’m sure that I would have fainted, or burst into tears, or done something equally embarrassing.

If episodes and occasional updates on their website aren’t enough for you (come on, I know that I’m not the only Sparah addict out there), consider following them on Twitter at @SarahGCarroll and @SpencerBFalls.  I just can’t get enough of these two, and I can’t wait until the next episode comes out.




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