Should You Date Your Best Friend’s Ex Boyfriend?

Should you date your Best Friends Ex? But he’s cute, they broke up, so you should be able to right? I mean they are your best friends ex? There is no harm in dating an EX of your best friends’ right? Well, honey, your relationship with your best firend can be different than the next Woman’s relationship with her best friend, but our personal opinion, for the article sake is No. N-O. Capital N, no. We cannot stress it enough. You should not date your best friend’s ex boyfriend.

If you may have been out of the loop, never even in a loop of friends before, or just oblivious to the code, but as guys have a “Bro Code,” Women as a whole live in a girls rule world with a bonding, ever strong girl code. There are many rules and laws involved in this Girl code, but when it comes to relationship and men, women do not take it lightly. And to be honest, I don’t know how a Woman, can possibly have the thought of dating her best friend’s disgusting, dirty, down right dumb, stupid ex. (I mean, they have to be those characteristics right, if there your EX?)

During a friends’ relationship with her boyfriend; you, yourself almost are dating them. You watch your friend cry when the guy acts like a jerk or you lean in an ear to the guy when your friend is acting like an immature, spoiled brat. You hang out with them and you all become best friends. If their relationship doesn’t work and they split up amicably, or it’s a heart-wrenching, sad, horrible breakup, the man is still and will forever be tied to your friend. Not you. I mean just imagine, you start dating the ex after he dated your best friend for 4 years. Can you really imagine bringing him around your best friend, or, bringing him to parties where your best friend and all of her family are in attendance. It would just be awkward, painful, and downright terrible. It would send your butt right onto Jerry Springer!

So save yourself the trouble. Even if the EX looks like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or even James Franco, whomever and whatever your type may be, if he has already came into your circle with someone else, when he’s done and their done, throw him back out to sea. There are plenty of fish out there; why hook onto one that’s already been used, especially by someone you actually love. Guys always come and go, but your best friends will love you through anything and be with you through everything.


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