You And Your Boyfriend Moving Back In With Your Parents Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Even though you are out on your own, you aren’t making it as well as you had hoped.  You found a wonderful guy that you absolutely adore, but he just lost his job.  You have been looking for employment for a few months but haven’t found anything yet.  Living off of one income was hard.  Now it is even harder trying to live off the little bit of money you guys had saved.  This situation happens all of the time to many couples.  Don’t be afraid of moving back with your parents.  There are definitely perks to this.  Here are 3 reasons why moving back in with those who gave you birth isn’t so bad after all.


1) Save Money

You know that your parents are not going to make you pay rent.  They wanted you to come back in the first place.  You will be able to save that $900 you were shelling out for rent.  If you pretend that you are paying rent, then you will have that money saved up for when you are ready to move out again.

2) Your Rents Love To Cook

Eating instant microwave meals will be something you will have to say goodbye to.  I know, I know.  It is a horrible feeling but you just have to.  A home-cooked meal sounds so awful, right?  Ha!  You have been dreaming of that homemade Italian sauce for three years now.  You can’t believe how long it has been.  You have been saved!

3) No Cleaning

It has never bothered you to clean your house.  You actually find it therapeutic.  There comes a time in your life when you won’t have to lift a finger.  Obviously, it’s not when you solely live with your significant other.  It happens when you live with your parents.  Mom loves doing laundry and would stick her head in a Downy container if it would fit.  Why try to get up and do any chores when you know you will be demanded not to?

4) Less Fighting

The boy and you rarely fight but having more people around for a little while will definitely stop the arguing if it happens.  It is always good to have other people to be with and run around with.  All of your friends are in this area because it is where you grew up at.  When you were down in Texas, you only had one friend.  The interent.  Skyping wasn’t your idea of hanging out.  It got old pretty fast and it was sad for you to know your friends were having fun without you.  Being with your friends again will give you space from the boy.  He can find new friends from your friends and everything will be gravy.

5) Plan Your Future

The worrying about your money part of your life is over.  Now you can start planning your future.  Moving in now will help you make great choices for when you actually do get married.  Having a boyfriend live with your parents is better than having a husband.  (Unless there is some legit reason where you have to move in with them)  Get all of your finances in order and start taking care of a future budget.  Don’t hesitate to talk about an actual engagement ring if that is the path the you are headed down.  You will need to know how much you guys are willing to spend on each other.  Plan trips, birthday presents, and everything else you have been waiting on money to do.

Living with mom and dad wouldn’t be so bad in the end.  You can get back on your feet as well as be with all of your friends and family again.  They will get to know your man and how much you guys love each other.  Just think of it as a mini vacation.

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