The World Needs More Plus Size Models

Victoria’s Secret Runway Show is one of the most watched fashion show of the year.  All of the Angels gather together to put a spectacular runway show that leaves us amazed every time it plays on television.  From the bras to the casual clothes, Victoria’s Secret definitely works.  Even thought Victoria’s Secret has a target audience of attractive, thing girls/women, other companies should consider putting more plus size models into the mix.
plus size model
If the clothes are made for sizes that go up to XXL, then the runway models should also be XXL.  It isn’t fair that all you see on television are the skinny size 0 girls who have no meat on their bones.  I am not discriminating by any means because that would kind of make me a hypocrite.  I just feel that the skinny girls need a break and the plus size ones need a turn.  Stores don’t hide the XXL sizes in the back, so why should the XXL women be hidden?  Bring out the big girls!  They need love, too.


Plus size models aren’t even “plus size.”  A size 8 is considered plus size so just imagine how tiny those VS models really are.  We need more plus size models to take over in the industry so we can make a name for us thick women.  Our curvy bodies need to be up on that runway strutting our stuff in the high heels with glitter on them.  There is no reason for the models to be pencil thin.  Let’s start showing the world that curves are needed!


The world needs some meat and so does the clothing industry.  Well, Lady Gaga seemed to agree with the meat part so why can’t everyone else?

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