Live, Love, and Learn

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead…” The powerful, truthful lyrics sung by the popular, incredible artist named Adele. That is a truthful statement for not only love, but life. Sometimes life, love, family, anything in your life is fun, fabulous and friendly. Other times it hurts. It hurts really bad. Sometimes we fall in love with our Prince Charming, believe he is the one and to face a bitter break up years later, sometimes we watch as our family member goes through an excruciating surgery, labor, or loss, sometimes we have a horrible, split from our family, and what must we all do. We must all learn to love what we had and live on. We either can dwell on our sorrow and our loss, or, learn how to be the change between bad family problems, a bad breakup, and make our live better than we thought it could ever be.

We’ve all shared it. We’ve all experienced common emotions. We’ve all gone through moments of fear, heart ache, anxiety and stress, joy, happiness, anger… We’ve possibly felt all of these emotions at once. Or we’ve felt just one emotion every day, but each day is different, because that’s life. You can be feeling happy and joyous for days on end and then life catches up to you and throws you a curve ball.

All at once your life can be turned upside down. You don’t know where to turn, who to turn to, you feel like your whole life may be over. And this happens, to a lot of people. Not just you. It’s happened to me personally on more than one occasion, but you just have to learn to deal with the hurt. Evaluate the problem; see if it’s a hurt that can be fixed and changed, a hurt that is considered an actual problem, or if there is a problem within yourself that needs addressed to prevent circumstances like that one from happening again.

We suggest, just handled the problem with a clear constructive mind. Sometimes life hurts, but, if something keeps recurring in your life, you need to change yourself. If you’re in a bad relationship and you keeping getting hurt, it’s time to change it. There is no one in the world responsible for making you happy, that’s your job. You should treat others the way you want to be treated, but at the end of the day, you can almost only rely on yourself. Make yourself happy first and then make the others around you happy as well, that way you will never get hurt in any aspect of your life. We’ve conquered a lot and would hate for you to get hurt. Sometimes life hurts, and it’s even worse when love hurts, but you can stop the hurt today and make your life more peaceful and happy in love.


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