Keep Cool While Your Kid Makes A Mess

Have you ever wondered how to keep your cool as you watch your child make a mess? Have you ever thought how will I handle my child and this mess? First thing I think you need to do is take a deep breath. Don’t run to the mess, don’t yell, don’t scream. Just breathe. Just relax and think to yourself everything will be OK. Realize that accidents and messes are going to happen in toddler-hood or with any child for that matter. Just take a deep breath and approach it as a learning opportunity for your child. Your child can do a negative, which even Adults still can make a mess, but we have to use this as our advantage and turn this negative into a positive.

When a child makes a mess encourage them to help you clean it up. Don’t find yourself like I just was, cleaning up the mess. Let your child be responsible for his/her actions and accountable for the mess. Teach them that they made the mess, they will need to help you clean it up. Some parents are big into taking pictures of their child when they make a mess, which I think is great, because you can use that later on to show them, but it could also be a negative approach and a negative view to place in your child’s mind. The child may interpret the photo as a reward and they are being award and more-loved for their wrong doing.

Other thing you want to do is teach children that accidents happen. But to prevent accidents if they pay attention to what they’re doing. If they’re pouring the milk if they’re scooping something out. If they’re paying attention accidents are less likely to happen.

If you from early on teach your child what is the right behavior when it comes to making a mess and how to handle the situation, both you and your children can grow in a positive, healthy, calm connection. Good luck.

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