How To Clean Crayon Off Your Walls

Kids are very creative. In fact, so creative at times, that they see the walls of your beautiful house as their easel. Frustrating, I know. How do you clean up this beautiful monstrosity of artwork or better yet how do you prevent it?

First, the clean up. Since it is probably already too late for most of you and you need to clean this up before your Tupperware party on Saturday night. (I hope you aren’t throwing a Tupperware party…but to each their own.) This party, however, may a good way to involved your babies in one another lives while having fun with your girls. Babies love Tupperware, sometimes to the point they break them or damage the good. But besides that, we are here to today to help you remove the crayon off your brand new walls, furniture, anything and anywhere those little kids have put it. The two most infamous tools of wall destruction are Crayola crayons and Permanent marker. Giving those things to children is playing Russian Roulette. Without proper Parent and/or Adult supervision, you leave a crayon with Tommy and he’s drawing his name, Sun rays, clouds, and anything his heart desires on your wood surface. “But Mommy, isn’t it beautiful?!” You can’t tell your child their art is anything but, so you smile tell them it’s beautiful and cry on the inside thinking of the pain and labor or money you’re about to put into this Artwork. Unless my child recreates the ‘Mona Lisa,’ they are never having a crayon inside my house without being at a proper table and with proper tools to avoid these messes.

But like myself, my children, and all of the population. We all make mistakes. As parents, we hand a child a crayon, then forget about the boiling tea, our other child wakes up, we get a phone call, and within those 5 minutes, the damage is done. We have some homemade tricks up our sleeves we think you can use to tackle any of those “pwetty,” artwork.

Get a really great Dishwashing or heavy detergent product. This is great for getting the crayon (hopefully you buy washable crayons. These are the greatest in preventing any sort of accident), out of your clothes, off the wall, all over. But some home made concotions we’ve used over the years had involved some simple everyday products you may already have or can buy from a store. You can use Baby Oil, soap, hot water, salt, mixed altogether it makes the Crayon come right off. If you need a more tougher product we suggest using a touch of WD-40. But just a little and make sure you scrub your walls really thorough to get everything off.

If all else fails, you can paint a specific wall in your house in the Chalk Board Paint. It is becoming the new trend in homes as it is. Mom’s can write grocery lists and to-do lists for Dads to tackle, while you are teaching your children responsibility and order by giving them a specific area on the Chalk board wall to “color,” on. They won’t know its not ruining your wall and you can sleep at night knowing you can just erase it and they can draw something new the next day! Let the Picasso’s shine in your home!


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