He’s Shorter Than You

He’s charming, he’s sweet, he’s smart, and he makes you laugh. Well, that day you must have had sandals or that fashionable pair of flats on, because when you met him tonight for dinner and had a sexy pair of Cheetah heels on you towered him. “Oh NO! Hell no!” You shout inside of you. This man you found so attractive is shorter than you. He could pass off as a Smurf Brother. Or could possibly be Wee Man from Jackass. This isn’t what you signed up for. You wanted that tall, dark and handsome boyfriend type, instead you end up with the shorter version. What do you do if your man is shorter? Is it acceptable in society? Will you still be glamorous with a smaller accessory on your arm then your bag?

Honey, we don’t know what to say. We’ve all dated the man that was an inch or two below our standard, and then we’ve all dumped the boy an inch or two below our standard. But, we promise, it wasn’t due to the height attribute. Yes, short, tall, small, big, everyone is beautiful. But, it’s just common as a feeling to want a taller man. A taller man could protect you better in a stick up versus having a midget jump out from behind you wanting to brawl. Being with a taller man, you have the comfort of being protected, but also know you can pull off those gorgeous Manolo Blahnik, and not be a Giant.

At the end of the day, it depends on what you would like more. Yes, the next cute guy could be 6’5 and you could look short next to him, but be treated by dirt, or just be an inch or two taller than the nicest, sweetheart you’ve ever dated. If you value a nice guy in a relationship and he just so happens to be an inch or two shorter, than you can wear flats or a sexy small 1-2 inch heel. Love comes in all shapes or sizes, its just about accepting the love in the form it comes at you.


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