He’s Rich. You’re Not.

This is a Classic Love story. You’re Cinderella. You’re the poor, slightly dirty, but determined to be the next big star. You’re the determined girl from the City that won’t make it. You meet this incredible guy and come to find out he’s rich. And you’re not. What to do? How do you handle a Rich man when you are not? Do you tell the sexy, Prince that you’re the poor girl from the Hood? He’s snobby, he’s pretty, he’s rich.. And you’re not. How to handle this Situation.

When you are dating someone with a different level of income and a greater financial state than yours, it puts you in an awful spot. You have a mentality as an animal and greedy human being to have more. Americans, and the general population always want more. You want more of everything. If your spouse has more money than you, you want more. You crave it. You have to have more than the next person.

But, what if he is too hard to handle. What if you meet this spoiled brat. A man that has all of these lavish gifts thanks to his Mother. Or Father, or even both. What if they’ve been fed everything on a Silver Platter and are conceited and cocky to a point of no return? You can handle this situation in either a strong, confident way, or, run from it. Your best bet would be too hold on with two hands in hopes he will start spending that money on you. Saks, here you come! Or, to be the considerate, average person. You can either try to change him or move on. Some people who may be rich and you are just not, may not be able to get along due to your personality and background. We say, it doesn’t matter about money, just whoever and whatever makes you happy, you should chase after.


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