Help! My Child Is A Brat In Public!

Your child is fighting, screaming and kicking. Your palms are racing. You keep begging your child to be quiet, but your child is just in a horrible mood, thus they are putting you in a horrible mood. You can’t lash out or act on it, because as it always happens, your child had just gotten into a bad mood in a public place. Your child is acting like a brat in a Costco, Chilis, a Zoo. Somewhere in public and every once in a while in public your child will be a brat. How do you deal with a brat and still manage to keep your cool? Before letting your child fall too deep in this “bratty behavior,” it’s time to pick out the best strategies, methods and tools to suit your family. There are obstacles, patterns, and tips to help you succeed. You can maintain the Brat Beast so your little Angel shines both inside and outside the Home.

First, and the most important belief and rule in our home is boundaries. There are clear boundaries that adults set for themselves and there are boundaries that parents need to lay for their child to follow. Not following a clear boundary will and should result in a consequence. Of course, Parents cannot be Tyrants. You cannot treat a child as if it were a Machine and ever mistake made results in a “Whoopin.” You need to be in a constant teacher, loving, parent, phase. You love your child but always reinforce rules and the boundaries. Continually letting your child break the rule can cause serious damage.

Say and Do must always be the Same Thing. Don’t they say Parents are the greatest Role Models? Well how can you really be a role model if you say one thing and do another? For example, you tell your Child not to smoke, but your fifteen sees you Smoking. Why is it wrong for them and not for you? Be a role model. Be a great role model. Praise your child when they do great and show them what’s it like to have a great, happy, life. Teaching and showing young children these wonderful mannerism, in example, holding the door for a stranger, helping someone carry a bag, letting someone else have your seat, showing your child these things from an early stage will improve not only their courtesy but their manners for the years to come.

And if all fails, just show your child some quality love and time. Listen to your child when they say why they acted a certain way, ask them why they did that and how you can prevent the problem. Sometimes children have feelings they would like to get off their chest but parents become to focused on their chores, their life; job, work, one another, or even the other children they forget to put a few minutes of their time in each little one. It’s better to focus on this behavior when they are young so you have a better reassurance that your child will grow up to be as great as you can make them.

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