He Won’t Pay For Anything

You’ve just celebrated a wonderful date at Red Lobster. The Cheese Bread was fantastic, conversation was great, you call for the check and your man looks at you and says, “hey, are you going to get that?” “Sure, I guess.” You mutter under your breath, “I’ve paid the last 5 times, whats one more dinner on me?” Honey, this is the time you need to let him go. If your man won’t pay for anything, he’s not into you or he’s just cheap. If your man can’t pay for anything, or even the first date, that’s a sign for disaster.

A man not paying for anything is a bad sign. A very bad sign. When someone is interested in you, they spend money on you. Whether it’s dinner, clothes, or even a small gift to symbolize he is thinking of you, the man will spend the money to make you his honey. He will shower you with gifts as you shower the love. If the man isn’t paying for anything, that’s a red flag. It could be a red flag for the various reasons, he doesn’t care to waste his money because he knows he is wasting his time. He doesn’t spend his money because his wife checks his check statements. Or, he just doesn’t care because your just there in the spare.

Take it from us. If your man can’t afford dinner on your first date, your second, and by god, by your fifth dinner date. He’s in the wrong for not getting some cash, or having any income, but your in the wrong for continuing to pay for him and waste your time. The only man you should ever pay for more than once is your child. Save your money for your next man who can at least treat you out here and there. You deserve it. You don’t deserve to be with anyone less than great. And maybe, rich and beautiful.


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