Gaining Weight From The Comfort Of Love

You’re gaining weight in the relationship, but, you don’t seem to mind. He tells you you are beautiful but you don’t know if he really means that or if he just loves you. Is it acceptable to gain weight in a relationship? Is it OK to use the excuse as being “too comfortable,” to excuse the fact you gained 55 pounds. If we had to weigh out the excuses, we still think the fine line and the thin line you should never cross is gaining weight especially because a man loves you.

You have to think there is always the next big thing. That’s the motto we live by. Yes, we are beautiful. We are fierce. But you can always have the next girl stand by you and your man goes running into their arms. You can love someone so much, have full faith in them, think your relationship is wonderful and you can be the next Tiger and Elin. Or J Lo and Marc Anthony. At the end of the day, Men think of sex. Men are probably thinking of sex as they read my article. It occurs in their brain about every 3 seconds, and it’s sad to say, but if you don’t look your best, you may be at risk.

At the end of the day, it’s more than a relationship matter. Gaining weight can do so much poor to your body. It can cause stretch marks and other scars, can ruin your personality, jean size, mood. Gaining weight can take over your life in such a negative the last thing you would want to do is lose your support system that is your boyfriend. So take it fro us, if your going to snack on that extra Oreo or eating that extra bowl of ice cream how about incorporate a workout with your love to keep the weight off. Just think you would lose the inches off your waist and gain so much more in your relationship!


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