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Whether you are looking for beauty tips, healthy recipes, make-up advice or dance routines, then you might enjoy reading websites such as My 10 Online, which provides blog posts and articles about all these issues. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy body, inside and out, the My 10 Online site has articles about how to look good on the outside with fashion and beauty tips, but also how to feel good on the inside too. Even if you look fabulous; your hair is perfect, your make-up is pristine and you are wearing an awesome outfit, you can’t flaunt your look if you feel bloated or unsettled on the inside. This blog post will show how to feel good on the inside as well as looking great on the outside.

Fiber – If you start to feel peckish when you are at home, relaxing and playing games like Party Poker or browsing Facebook, you may be tempted to reach for a chocolate bar or a can of soda. Instead, why not substitute a chocolate bar – which will only supplies energy for a short while – for something full of fiber? A handful of dried fruit and nuts, contains rough fiber, which is great for your stomach because it helps improve your digestion. Sodas only provide sugar and air-bubbles, which is likely to make you feel bloated and unsettled on the inside. Why not replace cola with green tea which is full of anti-oxidants.

Brain Food – As well as keeping your stomach happy, why not help improve your brainpower by eating brain friendly foods? It has been scientifically proven that foods rich in Omega 3, significantly improve brain activity, which help to increase brain stimulation and memory. Oily fish such as tuna, kippers and salmon, are rich in Omega 3. Alternatively, if you don’t like fish, you can take fish oil tablets.

Overall well-being – A superfood is considered a food which contains extraordinarily high levels of a specific nutrient or anti-oxidant. Foods such as spinach and blueberries are high in vitamins and anti-oxidants. The Australian made Manuka honey is very expensive to buy, this is because it contains antibacterial properties, which help prevent the growth of bacteria. It is used for skin ulcers, wounds, stomachaches and sore throats. It is almost like a natural medicine. 

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