Facts on Formula

There are a variety of Formulas available for your little Bundle. Formula can come in any dietary fashion; glucose free, soy, etc. We’ve collected our Top 5 Formula Suggestions and Fun Facts for you to review and compare when selecting a Formula diet for your child.

Of course, if we could promote it, and if your Baby could mention it. Breast feeding is the healthiest route to take. But, for whatever reason, if you are unable to breastfeed due to physical reasons, work-related reasons, personal reasons, etc, we have these suggestions to help!

  1. Similac
    • Aids Proper Digestion via Prebiotics
    • Helps build the little ones Immunity to fight Colds and Illness, hooray!
  2. Good Start
    • If your little one has a Tummy ache or problem, this formula contains Whey. Whey is gentle on a baby’s digestive system
  3. Bright Beginnings
    • Contains Veggies and Nutrition levels recomennded by Pediatricians!
  4. Parents Choice
    • The Walmart Version of Enfamil. Just as good, not as expensive.
  5. Enfamil
    • Very Pricey, so come with some Money baby
    • According to some, it’s worth it. It promotes growth, development, eye and brain development, it more or less turns your child into Superman. Or a MMA Fighter.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your mother suggests a Formula, or suggests Breastfeeding, or a Pediatrician suggests something. Your baby will let you know which Formula works for him and her or you determine if Breastfeeding is for you and your child. You and your child know whats best.

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