Don’t Let Facebook Ruin Your Relationship

Who knew that there would be a time we’d be sitting in front of  computer obsessing, I mean REALLY obsessing, over who has more crops planted or who’s planting whose crops *ahem*

Pun intended. Sort of.

You already know what I am talking about. Facebook-the social media mind-blower. From offering video game obessions to giving people the opportunity to “creep” on what somene else is doing (or who they’re doing)…Facebook has become a staple in our lives.

Oh! And the people that do not have a Facebook account are just…odd. Or…maybe not? There really are people in this big, internet infested society that feel the way most of our parents do; If they want to see somebody, they will call or visit. If they want to know what a friend is doing on a particular night, they will…call or visit them. Wow! That sounds a hell of a lot LESS toxic than Facebook.

Quitting Facebook sounds almost as challenging as putting down the cigarettes. Sheesh. No matter how good you want your Farmville to shine or show everone how good you look in that photo you took last night at the bar-get control if you’re losing yourself into Facebook. If Faceboo is starting to effect personal relationships, that shoud be a no brainer.

I’m not saying to totally give up Facebook, but if “I want our password”, or “why are you always on his page?” EVER comes up in a conversation, it is time t have a heart t heart. IT’S ONLY FACEBOOK and realistically, why should it come between personal relationships?

It shouldn’t.

Just remember that six years ago we were pulling all nighters and decoring ur MySpace pages and after all of the hype…MySpace is in space. Who knows if the same fate will fall on Facebook (unlikely), but think to yourself  how ridiculous it would be if you lost good friends over something on the internet.

As for gaming; Half of the people that are your “neighbors” on Farmville do NOT even look at your farm! Impress our loved ones with some face to face girl time, not how many fields of squash you can hammer out in 24 hours.


Facebook IS an addiction but make it fun. Drama is such a waste of time, and Facebook drama is absurd. Have the WANT to be talk or BE with your peers and family rather than that irresistible desire to log in to the blue and white.

Bottom line?

Blood is thicker than Facebook.

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