Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!

With Babies we have so many options. We have all colors, all styles, all kinds. We have varities, because our babies are varieties. Babies are allergic to a certain fabric, diaper, formula, everything. Scientists, makers, developers are struggling and trying to maintain guidelines, the “rights” of each, so their certain product isn’t pulled from the racks. Because let’s face it, Babies keep people in business. Babies keep their parents working and keep Companies like Huggies, Gerber, and Dreft, to name a few, in business. If a product caused a health issue to a child, it would be recalled in a flash.


We’ve had a struggle finding the right Diaper for our child. We had to find a diaper that did not only provide comfort, but also fit our budget and did not provide any rash or irritation. With so many brands out like; Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and Pullups, all as disposables as examples, which ones are best and which ones are not so good. The other method is doing the original diaper route; the Cloth. Using pins and all you can take your baby back in years, in our opinion, but maybe it might be more affordable and easier for you and your spouse.

We chose a disposable diaper. It’s easy and more functional and what we wanted to have for our son. We have used either Pampers or Huggies. When our son was young, we used Pampers. Now although Huggies are cute, we admit we love seeing the little Tigger, Eeyore, or Piglet, Pooh wasn’t cute to see and we saw it often! Now, besides the adorableness, we did like the Velcro “stickies.” They were great for the fast change. And of course, if we loved it, our child loved the opposite. He hated the Huggies. He was not in a hugging mood when we put them on him. The reason we did congratulate him and were proud of his executive decision of declining Huggies is the cost. Have you really depicted the cost of the individual diaper? In some stores you will find a box of Huggies running about $50.00. That doesn’t sound bad, but seeing that with a newborn you could sometimes go through 1, 2, possibly 3 boxes a month, that’s a lot of money to spend on your child’s booty.

Onto to our beloved Pampers. Our beloved Diaper. The Pampers did protect us. With the extra leakage protection and padding, this was a shield from our son who so devilishly would rip off his diapers as he got older, and would contain any leaky mess he may have. Certain stores though, would have Pampers around the same cost of Huggies, which again may be a downfaill to certain people. But overall, the durability, credibility, and protection received from Pampers, we could appreciate the cost.

So choosing a diaper, just sit down and determine what’s more important. Value? Looks, perhap? Protection? More importantly, what does your child like? He or she will let you know. Whatever puts a smile to your child’s face, is what’s more important.


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