Crazy Dyed Poodles

A new craze appears to have struck the dog world by storm–dyed poodle competitions.  Yes, you read that right–owners cut and dye their dog’s fur in crazy patterns or designs.  Check out the gallery below for some dogs as you’ve never seen them before.


Peacock Poodle


Horse Poodle


Native American Poodle


Bizare Poodle


Gay Pride Poodle


Spiderman Poodle


Square Poodle


Camel Poodle


Pink and Purple Poodle


Snail Poodle


Chicken Poodle


Green Poodle


Rooster Poodle


Bison Poodle



Football Poodle


Giraffe Poodle


Ninja Turtle Poodle


Octupus Poodle


Lion-Zebra Poodle


Peacock Poodle


Patriot Poodle


Bizare Poodle


Flower Poodle


Alien Poodle


Fairy Poodle

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