Calling All Photographers and Animal Lovers

Cute dogMost animal lovers should be familiar with the plight of dogs and cats abandoned at animal shelters every year. While some of these animals will find new homes, many adoptable pets will end up being put down for want of a new owner or family.

Teresa Berg of Dallas, Texas, a professional pet photographer, has made it her mission to help as many homeless dogs find homes as she can. She volunteers her photography skills at a local dachshund shelter, taking appealing profile photos that emphasize a dog’s friendliness, cuteness or personality. As soon as her photos hit the internet, adoptions spiked, with multiple people calling to inquire about the same dog. First impressions are important; taking abandoned dogs out of their cages and having them pose for adoption photos has quite literally given many of these animals a new lease on life. In addition to encouraging other photographers to donate their services, Ms. Berg has begun teaching shelter volunteers and employers how to take attractive pet photos for their website.

If you love animals and have some skill with a camera, why not spend some time at your local shelter helping abandoned pets find new homes?



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