Boom, Baby Boom(ers)

No, the Baby Boom is not a new dance move a drink you can get during happy hour but that sounds pretty intriguing. How many of you have parents right now that are 51 to 65? I find it very interesting that everybody in that age bracket as of right now is a Baby Boomer. How cool is it that an entire generation has a name because of how it came about.


Approximately 79,000,000 babies were born within that 14 year span. That is just in the United States while other countries were having the same “trend”. This trend was created by the love lusting soldiers returning home for WWII. Could you imagine being away from your loved one for possibly a few years at a time. I am guessing when they got home, they put a Frank Sinatra record on, had some dinner and wine, and then, got to work. Actually, dinner probably got forgot about and burnt.

There is an extraordinary list of people that come out of the baby booming era. Here is a short list of a few people that might surprise you. After all, they survived the 60’s and 70’s and still made a name for themselves.

Al Gore

Al Sharpton

Alec Baldwin

Alice Cooper

Barack Obama

Barry Bonds

Heather Locklear

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jeff Goldblum

Shryl Crow

Syd Vicious

Tommy Hilfiger

Tony Blair

Tony Danza

The list is enormous so you can do some research on your own time. You might be surprised who you find though.

The US was coming out of a depression when the Baby Boom began. What a gloomy world to be brought up in. But because so many babies were being born, the demand increased dramatically for homes, cars, consumer products, etc., giving the US just what it needs to get back on its feet. A bunch of screaming babies carrying the states on their backs

There has been minimal thought going into the naming of the pre and post generations though. The Silent Generation was (1925-1945), Generation X(1964-1979), and Generation Y(1980-mid 90’s). The current generation doesn’t yet have a name but has been suggested as Generation Z. How original right? Lets not let what happened to the hurricanes and delve into the Greek alphabet to name things. Something with technology maybe. The touch screen generation. Who knows.

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