Bedtime Is Boring

The nightlife at the club is great… it’s the nightlife after that isn’t so hot.  You and your man haven’t been together for that long so you are both kind of shy.  When it comes to playing detective under the covers, neither of you can keep your nerves down.  You don;t want bedtime to be boring.  You want it to be just as exciting as the hours before you get home.  What can you do to help each other out?  You both feel comfortable enough to talk about the situation so you need to start making moves.

bored in bed

How about spicing it up a little bit.  Get your fear and control parts of the brain working.  Tie one another up and just go insane.  Does that sound a little too risky?  I hope not!  It will send sensations through your body that you have never experienced before.  When one of you feels in control of the other one, you will notice that being dominant definitely has its perks.  Using different toys like dildos and handcuffs can turn each of you on in an instant.  The bed will be rockin’ and you won’t hear anyone knockin’!  It is good to explore with the dominant side of your sexuality.  Try not to get hurt while you’re at it!



Missionary shmissionary.  Get rid of your old ways of lying on your back and start having sex in different positions.  Ask him what he likes or what he might want to try.  We know that you have though about several different ways of doing the dirty so you should try them out.  You guys are comfortable enough to have sex which means you should be comfortable enough to try it different ways.  I don’t think this one needs an explanation.  Just needs some trial and error on your part.

Bring out the sensitivity and romance.  Let the bed overflow with sweetness and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.  Those sweet nothings might consist of some dirty talk but that will get him aroused.  Let him know exactly what you’re thinking.  If you need some wine before hand, go ahead and take a few gulps.  Give him all you’ve got with those words.  Throw rose petals all over the bed and pretend you’re a giggly teenager again.  Please refer to how Katy Perry feels when she sings the song Teenage Dream.  You might be able to get in touch with this side of your relationship and make the night “cute.”


Win him over with a costume.  Bringing his fantasies to life is important.  If he wants you to paint your body like a tiger, you better growl with confidence.  Grab some old costumes from when you were little and put them on.  They will fit just like lingerie and you will be able to turn on his little friend in no time.  Bedtime won’t be boring if you are wearing some crazy outfit that has holy lace stalkings attached to it.


It’s not going to be an easy transition from boring to playful.  It is definitely worth a shot, though.  you really like this guy and you want everything to work out.  Put your self-confidence up on level 10 and get him to love going to bed with you.  Talk about what you want to try and I assure you he will love that.  It’s not common for girls to let the man know what is going on in their head.  He will be surprised and you will be satisfied!

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