Accidental Text Messages

“She is so crazy.  I can’t believe he is even with her.  Lauren is honestly a psycho and feels like if she can’t have him no one can.  What is up with her?”  O.K. so your text message sent and now Teresa knows how mad you are at Lauren.  Did you let Lauren know that this is how you felt?  Cool, a text back.  From Lauren?  “Thanks a lot.  You’re such a good friends.  I can’t wait until Monday when everyone finds out you eat your snot.”


All right.  So… things aren’t going as smoothly as you had planned them to go on this Sunday night.  Now you’re in a panic because you were talking smack on your friend and she found out.  She didn’t just find out, though.  She found out from you and your stupid text message mistake.  You meant to send it to Teresa but you were subconsciously thinking about Lauren because that’s who you were going to vent about.  Now you are in a little bit of trouble seeing as how she text you back with a threat.  So what?  You eat your snot.  Is that really that bad?  Just say byebye to all of your other friends and any potential boyfriends that might have been floating around.


What are you supposed to do when you send an accidental text message?  You have to fess up, right?  Most of the time, yeah, you would have to do that.  Texting your father about the first time you had sex will always make you a Debbie Downer.  Don;t worry about it.  He would have found out eventually.  Maybe it was for his own good.  He might let you out of the house more.  Nevermind.  You’re screwed.

What do you do?  YOU JOKE AROUND!



Text the person back when you make a mistake and tell the you were joking.  If you are b!tch!ing about a friend and you send them that text, tell them it was for fun.  Tell them you knew they would get mad about something like that so you were just doing it to get them fired up.  Handling your dad might be a different story but we have got this one covered, too.  Let your dad know it was one big misunderstanding.  One of your friends thought it would be hilarious to text your dad all of that.  It might be a little white lie but he won’t be as mad.  Keep in mind that showing other people are immature makes you look like you are somewhat grown.


If you send an accidental text message that can be covered up, I would advise that you do so.  It’s really easy.

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