A Review of “Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold” by Ellen O’Connell

Front Cover of "Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold"Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold is a historical romance novel based in Colorado during the 1880s.  Even though they live in the same town, Cord Bennett and Anne Wells come from different worlds—the former, a half-Native American son of a wealthy rancher who has since fallen out with his family and is treated as an outcast by most of the town; the latter, a headstrong woman who has repeatedly embarrassed her family ever since she was a child and who, after breaking her previous engagement to a banker’s son, has refused to marry the man of her father’s choosing.  Thrown together by circumstances beyond either of their control, Cord and Anne gradually learn, first, to trust and then to love one another.  Their happiness shattered when Anne’s spiteful and bitter father threatens to tear them apart, will Cord be able to overcome his own fears and doubts in order to rescue his wife?  Or will Anne’s father, instrumental in creating the circumstances that led to their marriage, also succeed in driving them apart?

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