5 Outfits For 5 Dates

first date

Sunday Golf With Your Guy:

Polo T-Shirt

Plaid or Khaki Skirt


Relaxed Tuesday Evening at Chili’s:

Tunic or Simple Evening Dress

Intimate Evening Out:

We say Classic is Best. I mean, hey, it is called a Classic for a reason right?

We suggest a simple Black Dress and a Colored Heel.

Or, go for the classic black and white. Simple. Elegant.

Movie Night Monday:

You’ve had a long day at work and want to relax with your Boy at the Theater.

Relax in a cute pair of Jean Shorts or Skinny Jeans with a Tee.

We sometimes wear Sweats to be extra comfortable, but its up to you!

Meeting the Parents:

Ah, what a joyous (scary) time for all of us. Once we hit that time in our relationship, it’s time to go to that next level, you meet the parents. You have to look classy, without looking like you’re going on an interview. Although, you may be. We always suggest going with a classic day look with a sophisticated twist.

Our suggestion:

Sunflower Dress matched with Wedges

A long Sleeve Tunic matched with Jeans and Uggs (Please – wear Uggs only though if it’s Snowing. No, you are not cute wearing UGGs in 90 degree weather!)

Anything that makes you look Cute, Smart, Fun, and the best girl for your Future Mother-in-Law

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