5 Fall Fashion Trends – Trench Coats

Trending… trending… trending… What is the next thing to be trending?  No, honey.  I am not talking about Twitter.  I am talking about fashion!  Fall fashion trends for 2011 are out and you need to be aware of the top 5 that My10Online has picked out for their favorites.  You won’t believe some of the fashion trends that we actually feel you would enjoy.


fall fashion 2011

Go back to the innocent girl you once were and wear a few bows with your outfit.  You might even be wearing them attached to your outfit.  A trend that is going to be super big this year will be gigantic bows.  Wear them wherever you would like and you will be fashionably acceptable.


fall fashion 2011

This fall, don’t just buy a coat.  Buy long trench coat.  Make it bright so you can be seen across campus.  You want something warm but also something light.  We all know how the fall breeze can be in some parts of the world.  It’s a warm breeze or a chilly breeze so this coat will help you through both and make you a leader in the fashion world.


fall fashion 2011

Don’t start hiding your legs just yet!  Summer might have left but the shorts are going to stay this year.  Slip some cut off leggings under your shorts so you can just see them peaking through.  You will definitely want to wear these after I share a secret: Rihanna wore a similar style of outfit in her Say My Name video that featured Drake.  Show of your summery high heels, too.  Basically, the only thing you need to do is put away your tanks and pull out the long sleeves.


fall fashion 2011

Hopefully you have some big belts from the fashion floods of belts before.  Big belts are always in an out but this fall they will be seen every where.  Get your longer shirts out and create a cute, casual outfit with jeans.  Maybe you want to wear a dress with leggings with boots as your shoe accessory.  Add another accessory… the belt.  This is definitely an ideal outfit for every day of the week!

Layer The Layers

fall fashion 2011

You don’t have to be cold to layer up your clothes.  Start wearing more than one layer this fall.  The trick to not getting too hot is to wear very thin layers.  Put on a thin tank top, short sleeve sweater, and a light vest.  Wear leggings with that outfit and you won’t get too warm with all of the different pieces of clothing.  Another way to layer is with accessories.  Throw on belts and scarves all in the same outfit.  You’ll dig this layered look.  If not, you can always peel the layers away!

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