5 Birthing Methods

Close to the Due Date and don’t know which birthing method to select? There are so many different birthing methods, you don’t know which one to consider? Which birthing method is perfect for you? Birth is the biggest question you need to face. You want to be comfortable, but, you want you and your child to be healthy. You want the surrounding to be peaceful and calm. You gather information, techniques, tales and tribulations of each method from other mothers to cope with the inevitable pain you’ll endure during the labor. We’ve collected the most common birthing methods used today!


Natural Birth

This technique focuses on teaching you and your coach different labor positions and what they mean for labor and delivery. You and your coach also learn pushing positions that are most effective. Abdominal breathing and adaptations of traditional abdominal breathing are also a focus for this technique.


The oldest birthing technique in the book. This is a technique fueled on distraction and good conversation. Literally. Lamaze promotes chatting up with others. Discuss Politics, the Weather or possibly your child’s features. They say if you distract yourself from the labor of pain, your delivery will seem to go faster in this ever quick process. Focusing on other distractions can help you cope with the pain.

Bradley Method

Developed in the 1940s by a Doctor named Robert Bradley, clever name right? It focuses on the delivery with the least amount if any at all of drugs for pain ctontral. So any weak girls out there that demand an Epidural, Robert Bradley is not your man. But, maybe Bradley Cooper is, or so we hope! Ok, OK, back to Robert Bradley. This method focuses on exercise and good nutrition during the pregnancy, along side breathing techniques during the delivery and labor. It centers your nerves and promotes going to a calm place during those severe hours. I know my focus during my labor was my husbands hand and that book next to me to throw at the Nurse. Good luck with this one!

McMoyler Method

A more recent Method. Started in 93′, the main purpose and method of this madness is the focus of a healthy child and baby. Awe, well isn’t that sweet.


This method involves hypnosis to create the ultimate calm, peaceful birth. Some moms report after learning self-hypnosis, when they used this method during delivery, they didn’t feel any pain.


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